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Mighty Mint Pest Control Concentrate

Say Goodbye to Insects and Pests with Mighty Mint Peppermint Concentrate - Natural Formula Kills and Prevents Spiders, Ants, Flying Insects, and More!

- Concentrated Formula: The 8 oz concentrate can be diluted to make 1 gallon of solution, making it a cost-effective option for pest control. This means that one bottle can last for a long time, making it a great investment for homeowners.
- Pleasant Scent: Unlike other pest control products that have a strong and unpleasant scent, the Mighty Mint Insect & Pest Control Peppermint Concentrate has a pleasant peppermint scent. This makes it a great option for those who want to keep their homes smelling fresh w

Mighty Mint Insect & Pest Control Peppermint Concentrate is a natural and effective solution for keeping your home free from pests. With just 8 oz of concentrate, you can make a full gallon of solution that kills and prevents spiders, ants, flying insects, and more. The potent peppermint formula is safe for use around children and pets, making it an ideal choice for families. It is also eco-friendly and does not contain any harmful chemicals that can harm the environment. The easy-to-use concentrate can be diluted as per your requirement and sprayed in areas where pests are commonly found. Say goodbye to pesky insects and pests with Mighty Mint Insect & Pest Control Peppermint Concentrate.